High Power Schedule

 NRA High Power Rifle rules

High Power matches will resume June 27th, 2020.

Due to the Covid-19 virus we will all need to comply with the following procedures:
  1. No more than 10 individuals will be allowed under the covered firing line at a time (8 competitors and 2 RSO’s).
  2. We are recommending that everyone attending ‘please’ wear a mask in respect to others. You do not need to wear the mask while ‘in position’ at the firing line.
  3. Check in will take place under the cart barn porch. Please maintain the 6 foot social distancing requirement.
  4. When checking in, you will need to have your forehead temperature taken.
  5. No congregating under the firing line shelter. While waiting for your relay, please stay in your car or anywhere where you can maintain a 6 foot distance.  When the subsequent relay is finished, please be ready for the command to bring your equipment to the firing line.
  6. Please bring correct change: Club Members $4.00, Non Members $8.00. Members please show your badge for the discounted rate.
  7. You will be asked to leave the event for not following these procedures.

                 2020 Schedule 

                    Meet –  8am – 1pm   200 yard range

       First and last Saturdays of each month. (No match 7/4)

                  June 27th through October 31st, 2020

      News:    http://eriecountycl.org/high-power/high-power-news-and-scores/

The High Power event is held at the 200/300 yard range. The course of fire for this event is:

– 10 OH, 10 RS, 10 RP, 10 SP, and 5 sight in.

Cost: $4 per match fired ($8 non-members) free for active military, law enforcement, and juniors under 21.

We encourage ALL shooters to come out to these rifle matches and try their hand.

Bring out your old ’03, ’03A3, M-1, M-1A or AR-15 and try your hand.

Contact:  Chris Kaufman –  shrink2u@gmail.com     highpower@eriecountycl.org