Highpower Resources

I.  Great online learning resources for new and rusty Service Rifle Shooters.  These are absolutely the best videos from which to learn and only come from highly skilled and knowledgable shooters.  Trust this advice and incorporate it into your training regimen.


II. ECCL Data Book pages for ECCL Highpower Rifle matches.

ECCL Data Book

Data Books are used to refine and track zeroes, as well as to track a shooters progress as skills continue to develop.  Diligent use of a Data Book is essential in transitioning from novice to High Master scores!

The small circles in the tables are used for calling each shot in a slow fire string.  The large targets are for plotting actual shots on target.  Using this method, shooters are better able to match their calls with their actual shot locations and learn to develop consistency in their shooting process.  If you need assistance in using the data book, please don’t be shy about asking us for help!