Rimfire Steel Challenge (Practice)

Information Updated 7/21/2020

                                        2020 Schedule

              9:00 AM –  1:00 PM  meet on the 50 yard range

                                     Open to the Public

Cost is $2.00 for club members and $5.00 for non members

          If you are a member make sure to wear your BADGE

Sign up starts at 9:15 for members and 9:30 for non members.

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   August 16   September 13

            October 18



This will be our Second time shooting the Steel Challenge course. Here are some guide lines that we will be following due to the Covid 19.

UPDATE Steel Challenge July 19, 2020

There are going to be a few changes to this event on Sunday.  Since the governor has updated everyone on the spread of the Covid19 Virus we will be asking everyone to follow some safe procedures while on the range for this event.

1 Everyone must wear a mask at all times, including while shooting the course of fire. If you feel you need to remove you mask for a short time, please sit in your car.

2 There will be no congregating in groups while waiting your turn to shoot the course of fire. Stay by your car or move to the hill side across from the parking lot. It will be warm this Sunday so if you want to stay in your car with the air on please do so. Social distancing will be the word for the day. If any group starts to congregate a RSO will ask you to disperse. Please don’t take it personally.   He or she is only trying to protect you, ECCL and our event.

3 The on-deck and shooting tables will be wiped down after each person has used it.

There are some steps that Cliff and I have come up with to help facilitate the speed with which we can get those shooting in and out of the course of fire in hopes to give everyone a chance to shoot the course at least two times if possible. That will be explained on Sunday before the shoot.  Make sure you bring a good working gun with 4 magazines or find someone to load your magazines while you are shooting.

We want to respect each other’s space and in order to continue this event we all must try to adhere to what our state officials have asked us to do. We do not want to spread the virus to anyone at the meet and have it traced back to our event.

Any Questions email me and hope to see everyone there on Sunday.

From Chuck Bergmann

Cost to shoot this year:  Members Must Bring Your Badge.

$2.00 for Club Members

$5.00 for Non Members

Our second Steel Challenge is coming up July 19th. Last month was a great first time Steel Challenge and hope to have another one this month. One thing that I want to mention to everyone is we found that it is imperative you bring a good working rifle or pistol. It is best you take it to the range before coming to the course of fire to make sure it is in good working order and the magazines function properly. 

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Steel Challenge

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