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2022 ECCL Highpower Score Record

Updated 05/07/2022

We are looking forward to some fun innovations in our scoring procedures in the upcoming season and hope that everyone will be motivated to get out and participate in friendly competition with us.

Current modifications to the 2022 season’s scoring:

  1. All competitors will compete against other shooters in their score-based classification.
  2. Awards will be given at the end of the season for: League Champion, Top shooter in each classification, Top New Shooter, and Most Improved Shooter.  Shooters must participate in a minimum of 6 matches to be eligible for awards.

Classifications will based on either official CMP classification, or Local classification per scores in ECCL matches, if no CMP classification has been earned:

  • Average scores for each classification are as follows:
    • High Master:            >98.0
    • Master:                 97.99 – 95.0
    • Expert:                 94.99 – 90.0
    • Sharpshooter:      89.99 – 85.0
    • Marksman:               <85.0