Rimfire Steel Challenge (Practice)

Updated 5/8/2020

                                        2020 Schedule

              9:00 AM –  1:00 PM  meet on the 50 yard range

                                     Open to the Public

Cost is $2.00 for club members and $5.00 for non members

          If you are a member make sure to wear your BADGE

Sign up starts at 9:15 for members and 9:30 for non members.

May 17 has been cancelled

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   August 16   September 20

            October 18






To put it simply, the Steel Challenge competition is a 5 target speed shooting competition. 5 targets are set up in certain arrangements and the shooter then hits each of the 5 targets. There is no specific order in which the targets need to be shot with the exception of one, the stop plate.

Competitors rarely need to move from their original shooting position during the course of fire so this makes for a very simple procedure to follow. In addition to these very few and simple rules, almost anyone who owns any type of  rimfire pistol or rifle can compete in the steel challenge.

Each course of fire is shot Four times and the shooter’s score is the time they need to shoot the stage four times plus any penalties (each Penalty will add 3 second to time) for missed shots, engaging targets from outside the shooting area and other infractions. The scores for each stage are totaled up. Then the worst score from any one of the 4 stages is subtracted from the total and that is your score.


What specific equipment you’ll need is entirely up to you. There are two main divisions in Rimfire Steel Challenge: Open, with allows for the use of red dot sights and other optics on your rifle and pistol, and Irons, which requires iron sights to be used on both guns..



Each Stage will require the shooter to shoot a minimum of 20 rounds of ammunition. Each stage consists of 4 strings of fire. Although you could get away with only bringing 3 10-round magazines, it is advisable to bring one magazine for each “string” of shooting. New and inexperienced shooters especially should bring extra ammunition just in case each string takes more than 5 rounds to complete.


Steel Challenge Rimfire Rifles

In Steel Challenge there is no limitation as to what type of rimfire pistol or rifle you can use. If speed is what you’re after then a semi-automatic pistol or rifle will be the best option but there is nothing stopping you from using a lever action or bolt action rifle.



All rimfire competitors start each string of fire from the “low and ready” position. There is usually a cone or flag to denote the position the firearm should be pointed in before the timer beeps and you begin your string of fire. This further opens up the door for all shooters as there is no need to bring a holster. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about drawing from a holster when shooting a rimfire caliber firearm. We will not allow the use of a holster during this event.

This is a first for us

Since this is a first time for us please work with us as we all learn together for the first time.  This should be a fun shoot for everyone of all ages. There is no running from stage to stage. Our course of fire for May is shown below.

click below to see course of fire for May 17th

Smoke and Hope