Membership Forms

Links listed below:

  1. New Member Applications
  2. Defective or lost badge replacement
  3. Cart Barn
  4. By-laws

Membership renewal notices are mailed the first week in November and due by December 31st.    Renewal notices are NOT on the website and will only be mailed to the members.

1. ECCL Membership Application Process

  • ECCL accepts 15 senior members each month. Associate and junior members no limit.
  • The new member process closes the 20th of each month.
  • We are not accepting new members in March, November and December.
  • All applications must be mailed to:  ECCL,  815 Mason Rd E, Milan, OH 44846
  • New members will receive an approval letter requiring their attendance at the general meeting and orientation to complete the process.
  • General meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm.
  • Your safety orientation will immediately follow the general meeting.
  • All applications must have a current club sponsor. Member must be in good standing with no less than one year active senior membership.
  • Your signature on page 3 must be notarized.
  • Our membership year is from January 1 thru December 31.

To download our Membership Application, click on the link below.

ECCL Membership Application

2. Replacement Badge Form:

  • If you lost your badge or have a defective badge, download this form and follow the  directions provided.
  • Lost badge has a replacement cost of $25.00. Please send your check with this form.
  • If you have a defective badges, you must return you badge with this form.
  • Questions? Email to or call our clubhouse  419-499-2400 and leave a message.

Replacement Badge Form

3.  Cart Barn

  • $20 yearly fee for use of the cart on the 200-300 yard range only.


4.  ECCL By-Laws

 ECCL By-Laws

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