New Range Construction

ECCL has formed a Modern Range committee to start the process of building a new range.  The area will be to the west (directly across the parking lot) of the existing range.  It will be geared toward improving handgun use.  When there are no activities going on it will be open for membership use.

One area of it will contain steel targets.  One area of it will be able to accommodate action shoots in order to leave the existing range open to members while the shoots are going on.  We also anticipate this will leave ranges open for membership use during other activities in most cases.

We are just starting to get bids on surveyors.  The surveys will then be sent to Total Range Solutions (the consulting company we are currently working with) who will provide options for the area.

We would like to hear from the membership on all of your areas of interest pertaining to shooting, any suggestions you may have, or any ideas for the new range.  An email account has been set up on our website for your use: There will also be physical suggestion boxes in the clubhouse and on the range, probably attached to a dud tube.  Remember, this range is for you.

Please let us know how you feel.  We will keep the website updated in order to keep membership informed of our progress.