updated 07/06/2020

The Women’s Defensive Shooting Program was started as a way for the ladies to gain experience and confidence to attend the monthly Action Shoots at ECCL. After several seasons the program has shifted focus to defensive shooting training for women. The primary goal is to prepare women to defend themselves in their homes and in public. The program is open to members and non-members, free of charge.

New for 2020 participants must be 18 years or older. We have previously accepted younger girls accompanied by a guardian. The decision to implement an age requirement was difficult. Our instructor group all agreed the program is meant for women to properly learn and practice the skills to use a firearm for defensive purposes. While we continue to offer instruction to new shooters 18 and older this program in not appropriate for younger girls to learn shooting skills.

Experience is not required. If you are a new shooter we will (if staffing permits) place you with an instructor and any other new shooters for a basic pistol shooting class.  Experienced shooters attending for the first time will also go through a brief basic pistol class for skill assessment and safety training.

No gun? No problem!  We have loaner .22 caliber pistols and provide ammunition. For now you will need to bring eye and ear protection and a brimmed hat. We are unable to provide these items during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Participation in this program is voluntary.  We will take as many precautions to protect everyone from the Covid-19 virus as possible.  The wooden shooting benches on the 25 yard range are not smooth surfaces like our other benches.  During our time on the 25 yard range everyone’s gear will be spread from one end to the other.  We can not wipe down the benches every time someone touches one.  If you want to bring your own wipes to keep your part of the bench clean you are welcome to do so.  We also suggest bringing latex gloves if you are concerned about touching the wooden benches.

The following rules are in place until further advised:

  1. Masks are not mandatory but are encouraged if you believe you are especially vulnerable. If you are not feeling well, please stay home.
  2. We expect everyone to practice physical distancing – minimum 6 feet suggested.
  3. Bring minimal gear to the benches on the 25 yd range. Do not spread your gear out all over the place. Do not linger by the benches. After placing your gear on a bench step back so others can place their gear. Maintain distancing.
  4. We will establish a shooting line with 6 feet between shooters. Two relays (or more) will be used if needed.
  5. If we use relays, when not shooting you must secure your firearm – preferably in a holster (do not remove gun from holster until you are instructed to do so), or in your gun bag or case. You may load magazines at the benches. No guns on the benches unless in cases or bags while shooters are on the firing line downrange.
  6. When not shooting do not congregate near the covered benches unless 6 feet apart.


Outdoor Program

WHEN:  April-October,  normally the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, 6 pm  until 8 pm.   Shooting begins promptly at 6 pm – be ready to shoot. Gate will be open no later than 5:30 pm. Please consult the main club calendar to confirm the dates (there are occasional changes).

WHERE:  Erie County Conservation League 25 yard range

Indoor Program

WHEN:  November-March, normally the 1st and 3rd  TUESDAY of each month, 5:30 pm until 8:30 pm. Please consult the main club calendar to confirm the dates.

WHERE:  Main Club House Erie County Conservation League


Contact us for information at womensprogram@eriecountycl.org