Temporary Shutdown



Effective immediately, the ECCL Trap & Skeet program is temporarily closed until further notice as the board continues to work on restructuring the program to meet the club’s changing needs and level of volunteer engagement. The club remains committed to having a Trap & Skeet program and major effort over the next several months will be placed in strategically restructuring the program so that it remains viable for many years to come.


It is with sincere gratitude that we also acknowledge the significant time and effort that three club volunteers have put into running the program over the past six months. They have put in many hours each week and every Sunday to keep the Trap and Skeet facility open for scheduled hours for both members and the public. Gary Ebinger, Richard Kmetz and Tom John have helped advise the Board and have also “staffed” the program — requiring a huge amount of their personal time and attention. If you see them, or know them, please also share your personal appreciation for their significant efforts.


The Trap & Skeet Program as it has been structured is open three scheduled times a week to both club members and the general public. The effort needed to keep this program open and “staffed” year-round requires more time, energy and commitment than is reasonable to expect from just three people. Repeated efforts to recruit additional volunteers the past six months have failed – one volunteer stepped forward for which we are grateful but it is simply not enough. The Board of Trustees is exploring multiple options for restructuring the trap and skeet program. These options include totally new models as well as rethinking the all volunteer model that has been the norm historically.


If you have ideas or interest in volunteering your time and talents to help rethink and rebuild the Trap & Skeet Program for the future, please reach out directly to ecclclubhouse@gmail.com.