Project Appleseed

 Appleseed Events in 2022!!!!!!!

Project Appleseed will return to ECCL in 2022 twice – April 30/May 1 and Sept 10-11 2022.   In 2021 we held two events successfully.  All dates are subject to change but hopefully there will be no interruption in our schedule in 2022.  Project Appleseed has a detailed plan for operating their events.  Please read this document if you are interested in the program and concerned about how it will be administered.

Registration is open only to club members until 30 days before the event. If there are remaining spots at that time it will be opened to the public.  This event will be restricted to 15 participants.  Event price per person is $75.

This program is one of the best rifle marksmanship training programs in the world. Please take the time to review the links attached and familiarize yourself with the organization.

One of our members inquired regarding ammunition requirements for this event.  In the past it was suggested to bring at least 500 rounds. The Appleseed Ohio State Coordinator has advised the typical count of rounds for this event is between 300-400 rounds.

Below is the private sign up link limited to the first 15 applicants.

The private secure links for signing up are:

April 30/May 1, 2021

Sept. 10-11, 2021

Links and info:


Thanks and happy, safe shooting !!