We recognize that with the constantly changing COVID-19 situation around the world and within the United States, this is an unprecedented time for everyone — a time that, for many, is filled with uncertainty.

UPDATE JULY 4, 2020:

At the meeting of the trustees on July 1, 2020 it was decided to reinstate the September Appleseed event on September 19 & 20, 2020. Project Appleseed has agreed to restrict the participants to a maximum of 15. They also provided a comprehensive  mitigation plan for Covid-19.  Please visit the Appleseed page  for additional information.  We also discussed the Marie Casper Women’s event.  It was decided the event has too many components and would need modification and restrictions in almost every segment.  It was agreed we will wait until 2021.

Current state orders and guidelines are driving the decisions we make.  These are very fluid and hard to keep up with sometimes.  Below are links to the sector specific operating requirements we believe are the most pertinent to our activities – shooting firearms and bows (a non-contact sport) and gatherings in the club house.  We are doing the best we can to interpret and comply and still move forward for the members enjoyment of the facilities.

General Non-contact sports

Skills Training – all sports

General Office Environments

Restaurants, Bars and Banquet Halls (closest to our club house)

Trap and skeet is now open to the public.

UPDATE JUNE 5, 2020:

The board of trustees of ECCL met Wednesday June 3, 2020 to discuss how to proceed under the latest order issued by the state.  The restriction of gatherings of more than 10 is still in effect. On June 4 the Governor released an order to reopen many of the facilities that were left closed one week earlier (read the press release at this link).   The board of trustees is allowing any of our regular monthly programs, as determined by the program coordinators, to reopen as long as there is a reasonable plan to conduct the event with compliance to the state order(s).  To ascertain if your favorite event will be opening soon please visit the event page on the website for updates and news.

There is no change to the Special Events calendar at this time.

Trap and Skeet will also be reopening effective June 7, 2020 with new rules in place until further notice.  For more information please visit the appropriate pages on the website.

UPDATE MAY 3, 2020:

The board of trustees of ECCL had a lengthy discussion recently about how to handle the numerous events and activities that draw members and non-members to our club. Ohio is now under Governor DeWine’s Stay Safe Ohio Order ( Gatherings of more than 10 are still prohibited.

ECCL has two distinct types of activities/events every year – regularly scheduled range events and Special Events (once a year). Special events require extensive planning months ahead of the event date. The trustees have decided to cancel all Special Events through September 30, 2020. This is consistent with the decisions of other major organizations (Ohio Tactical Officers yearly conference and training is canceled as well as the CMP National Rifle and Pistol Matches at Camp Perry).

Regularly scheduled range events (action shooting, .22 Benchrest, High power, 300 yard, etc.) and Trap and Skeet will remain suspended through May 29, 2020 in conjunction with the Stay Safe Ohio order. Should this order be modified or lifted sooner or extended past May 29, 2020 the range event schedule will be adjusted to comply. When the number of people approved for gatherings is raised significantly the board will reassess the status of our events.


ORIGINAL DOCUMENT (still in effect except for dates):

After a lot of thought and discussion, the board of trustees have determined that in the best interest of its members and the visiting public the Erie County Conservation League will cancel all general meetings and organized events along with the Trap and Skeet program effective immediately. This closure will continue through May 15, 2020. (This time frame could be extended or lifted earlier depending on the status of the virus and the Governor’s stay at home order.)

Gun Ranges – For now, the gun ranges will remain open but we ask that if you do use them, please follow the directive of “Social Distancing”. (Note – this too could be closed if the Governor declares a full shut down for our State.) If you are concerned about the shooting benches please bring cleaning supplies, or do not use the benches.

Trap and Skeet – We realize this is a disappointment for the Trap and Skeet shooters as this program was just reorganized and restarted. It is the feeling of the board that taking the risk of even ONE person contracting or being a carrier of this virus is unacceptable.

Some of the areas of concern include personal contacts by handling of paper, writing instruments, keypads, door knobs, and light switches which are too high of a risk to allow it to remain open. In addition, we would be asking our cleaning personnel to come in and that would put them at risk.

A special thank you to Jeff Burrill, his team members, along with the many volunteers who helped to organize the restart of the program. We look forward to it’s reopening and continuing to be a great addition to our club.

Thank you for your understanding. These decisions are not made lightly and we understand the frustration of all our members. It is better to make a decision and be safe than to make no decision and live with the consequences.